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About Needaserver

What Needaserver
We are a Game Server/ Voice Server/ Web Hosting Provider with Amazingly Fast Support Via or Support Discord/ Tickets/ Even Phone Support.
We are proud to be Client Friendly and Offer you Unbeatable Services at Low Prices. Thats why if you Find the same Slots server ANYWHERE ELSE thats Cheaper than us, Without a PROMO CODE we WILL MATCH/BEAT IT (MUST PROVIDE PROOF VIA SUPPORT TICKETS OR DIRECT CONTACT VIA EMAIL @
we have a Proven Track Record with our Trustpilot in our Experience and Support. and have Thousands of Extremely Happy Customers

Powerful Hosting

All Our VPS Servers are Ran Of Enterprise Grade Hardware with High quality Components

Anti-DDOS Protection

All our servers are protected from up to 100Gbps of DDoS attacks
utilising Corero’s Smartwall technology


All Our VPS Servers are Scalable you can order as small a server you need and if it ends up not being enough you can order more resources to boost your server performance


We use multiple platforms to provide support
to ensure you get your answers as fast as possible!

High-quality Hardware

All of our game servers run on Intel Core i7-7700K
to ensure high speeds!

7 Day Money Back

If you’re unhappy with our services within the first week
You can get a full refund without any issue.

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Our Service

Our VPS Panel

We take pride in our VPS panel and have Made everything as easy possible to ensure setup is as easy as possible!

Full Controll

Our Panel allows you Full control to start, stop, restart your VPS. Reinstall the OS, install Apps like Cpanel(Own license required)

Easy Colourul Design

Our Panel is Bright and colourful and each button is different to ensure you know what your pressing, so you don’t accidentally reinstall your serve when all you wanted to do is restart it

Helpful Email

You will Recieve an Email with all relevant VPS access Details Including Username and password to RDP/SSH into it

Our Service
Our Work


Below are Some of our games we host.
Using TCadmin, Pure SSD with extra features.

Our Work
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