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Death Donky’s Game Nation

Death Donky is the name spelt wrong and all. My friends usually just call me Death online though and Ronnie any other time. I’ve been playing games since I can remember. My uncle got me into it with a PlayStation 1. The original PlayStation that didn’t even have analogue sticks… yeah that one. Since then I’ve been attracted to specific types of games. Racing, shooters, and simulation of all kinds. Even some RPG from time to time. With this fascination with video gaming and obsession with tech, I decided to join the master race with a custom PC. After the idea to do YouTube more actively these past few years I found I quickly wanted more so I built another system with over 400 individually addressable RGB LEDs and enough power to take on any task whether gaming editing or streaming. Now with a foot in the YouTube scene… lets race, shoot, fly, and play together on YouTube and in the Discord Chat Nation channel with Twitch branding and streaming to come SOON! Thanks for the support hope to chat soon!