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DC Simulations

My name is Daniel. I’ve been a streamer for 8 years. Started from Run 8 on twitch then moved to youtube for streaming. I’ve been a train simulator since 2009. My friends call me Daniel. I started from Rail Simulator in 2009 with the Cajon Pass DLC, then in 2010 I’ve upgraded to Railworks and I’ve stayed with them until I heard about Run 8 Train Simulator later in 2012 and the Multiplayer is phenomenal!! My favourite class one engines are UP, CSX and NS and Steam engines are my No. 1 favourite Chessie System, Berkshire, American Freedom Train, J-class 4-8-4 and many more. Back in 2015 on twitch I have won my first simulator called “Farming Simulator 2015” and got me Farming Simulator 19. I’m a simulator type of guy and totally enjoyed them. I’m also a railfan, trains were hooked to me when I was a kid. FEC was the first freight trains I’ve seen, moved up to Ga in 1996, CSX was the 2nd I’ve seen so far. I did ride on the Tri-Rail Twice. I look forward to seeing you on my youtube channel and my Discord! See you on the Rails or on the farm!!