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About Brooklyn


Below explains what we promise with 7 days to die.
If you are unsure about anything our staff will be happy to help!

Pure SSD Hosting

No matter the size of your server we store all of our
servers in SSD storage no matter what.

Anti-DDOS Protection

All our servers are protected from up to 100Gbps of DDoS attacks
utilising Corero’s Smartwall technology.

Clan Pay

You can chare your bill with friends
and even ask your players to help with donations.

Our 99% Uptime Promise

We promise our servers are up if we are planning to update
or change any of our servers we will notify you via email a month in advance.

Intel Core i7-7700K

All of our game servers run on Intel Core i7-7700K
to ensure high speeds!

7 Day Money Back

If you’re unhappy with our services within the first week
You can get a full refund without any issue.


Everything about our game servers.
Some servers have extra features explained on their page.

About Brooklyn
Our Game Service

Our Game Panel

We take pride in our game panel and have customised everything possible to ensure setup is as easy as possible!


We use the worlds leading panel for DayZ Standalone
with our own custom theme to ensure the best user experience.

Configuration Editor

We have set up an easy configuration editor to speed things up.

Sub Users

If you have friends helping you with your server
you can create a sub-user account with custom permissions.

Client Area Android App

We have made a Customer Client area Android app download it by the button below
it makes support ticket easier to answer also adds the ability to see your active services and much more

Our Game Service
About Brooklyn


Everything about our game servers.
Some servers have extra features explained on their page.

Mod Support

Our DayZ servers have Full Mod capabilities and an editable Command Line to run them.
We support this mod and will help you with setup if needed.


We provide World and Config backup for our DayZ servers
Which you can access and download via our panel.

Configuration Edidtor

We know looking through files can be annoying
This is why we have set up a configuration editor for the main files.

DayZ Standalone Web Console

We have set up DayZ Web Console
So you can see your logs easier.

About Brooklyn
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