Requests For Partnership/Sponser

For any partnership request you must have prerequisites:

  • Own a website
  • Address Of Your Website
  • Be registered and use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, ...
  • Your partnership project (Your needs, your requests).
  • Upload a logo of your brand

How does it work?

To Get a Partnership/Sponsership From Needaserver, there are some requirements for example you Must have an active Youtube/Twitch account with wither 10000 followers/subscribers.

To Receive your Discount you Must Open a support ticket with the Subject "Partnership Application"..  you must include any links you your accounts we will be checkng that they are your accounts by various Methods to ensure you are who you say you are.  once out checks have passed you will recieve a discount in return for free shoutouts on stream or your Youtube Channel you can receive upto 20% discount for the life of your service. You will receive the upto 20% over all your services for example you have a TS and Gameserver you will get 10% off each service...

There will be frequent anonymous checks via your account by watching your Videos / past broadcasts (if you save them) to see if you do continue to abide by our restrictions... You are also allowed to add links in you decriptions in your videos... You will also recieve a affiliate link to use for your link to earn commision for any salles you produce.. you will also recieve a discount code you are free to shoutout the code (YOU MUST NOT USE YOURSELF, or you will lose benefits) for your watchers to recieve upto 20% discount on their first month also depending on how popular you are will depend on the amount of discount code you receive...

if you have any questions in regards to any unanswered points made here please gladly open a support ticket and ask us anything we will be glad to assist any concerns you may have.

once you upload a .png image file of your brand (with a clear background). if your application is succsessful, we will add a copy of the logo on our website with OFFICIAL PARTNER above/below the image. with links to your Social Media  EG FB Twitter YT and Twitch, or any other social platforms you may have.

How Long Does the Application Process Take?


It May Take upto 2 weeks to process your application for Partnership/Sponsership so ples be patient.

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