Requests For Partnership/Sponser

For any partnership request you must have prerequisites:

- Own a website

- Have a minimum of visit to his website

- Be registered and use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, ...


How does it work?

To do this, create an account on the site: then go to his customer area at Affiliates to Create an account. A link will be generated, this is the one you will need to use for advertising to calculate the number of people who came to the site. Depending on the number of registrants who would have purchased services at a partnership could be made in the form of a Reduction Coupon or Reduction of price in our catalog. With each purchase of service with us since your link generate a sum of 10% of the total sum of the product you will be paid on your affiliate account. To do this, please contact us by e-mail or via the Ticket system by sending us the following information:

- Address of your website

- A daily visit to your site.

- Your partnership project (Your needs, your requests)

- Your social networking activity (facebook, twitter, youtube, ...)

Once these data analyze a response you will be brought in as soon as possible.

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